Shiba Inu Yacht Club

Shiba Inu Yacht Club is ready to go!

Shiba inu is sick of this kind of boring and hopeless life as a normal shiba inu! Lots of creatures which have same thoughts with shiba inu are getting to be big winners after they having their adventures!



The SIYC community governs itself via the SIYC DAO, the decentralized governance framework that supports the Ecosystem Fund. The DAO follows a proposal process to vote on how the Ecosystem Fund will be distributed by the SIYC Foundation to promote a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem.

SIYC DAO is launching its community-led governance via a formal proposal process based on the one implemented and proven out over time by BSC’s EIP system.

SIYC DAO’s consensus mechanism aims to make placing votes fair, transparent, and low-cost, so that SIYC holders can participate in the decision-making of the DAO.

Over time, SIYC DAO will transition the proposal and voting mechanisms into a full, on-chain platform in a form determined by the community. The DAO can do this by:

1.Hiring DAO members to take care of administrative, project management, and moderation tasks to replace the company appointed
2.Creating a community-steering committee
3.Implementing on-chain voting
4.Voting annually to elect members for the DAO’s Board